Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday - Store Wide Sale 50% Off all Titles

Into the fray, with more sales today. BLACK FRIDAY - TWO-DAY STOREWIDE SALE - Amber Quill Press - November 28, 2014. Through Saturday 11/29/14, get any Amber Kisses, Novellas, and Novels (both "Regular" and "Extended" length) for a 50% discount*. Yes, that's 50% off*...all imprints, all genres, all authors...from now through Saturday!‪#‎ebooks‬ ‪#‎sale50‬ ‪#‎blackfriday‬
(Note: Discount applies to e-books only and does not include AmberPax Collections or books labeled "Amber Briefs" or "Amber Shorts." Books listed on our "Clearance" page will remain discounted at 75% off. Additionally, books already priced at $.99 are not included in this special sale.)
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Review - Dear Viking by Lori Soard

Dear Viking is a sweet romance that will pull at your heart strings. Rök Erikson’s new found Christian faith clashes with the traditions of his Viking family; he fights against falling in love with Leani as the duty he feels for his family demands he avenge his brother’s death. While Leani’s life hangs in the balance, she feels guilty for taking the life of another and places her punishment in the hands of her savior.

As Rök’s and Leani’s faith is tested over and over, Lori Soard handles these characters’ inner and outer struggles like a pro. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

On Sale - 50% Off - 3 Days Only

Amber Quill Press - Suspicious Minds
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In the city of Boston lies a story of revenge and hidden identity. Ryan Donatelli, posing as Thomas Randolph, sets out to avenge his sister's death, even if it means using Sam Southard's daughter to do it. After all, Ryan is sure Sam's responsible.
Natalie Southard is determined to keep her family business out of the hands of known crime boss, Nick DeMarco. After her father is killed, Natalie and Ryan are forced to run for their lives. But, will they live long enough for their hearts to heal once everything is revealed?
Genres: Romance / Romantic Suspense / Romantic Thriller
Length: Novel (58k words / 188 paperback pages)

Review quotes for SUSPICIOUS MINDS:
"5 Stars!...Will keep you reading right to the end. Kim Cox's characters are so well developed that you feel like you know them. The plot contains enough red herrings and spine-tingling chills to keep you rooted in the story."—Cathy Gladstone,
"4 ½ Daggers...This is an action-packed read with no time to catch a breath, no place to lay the book aside. There isn't a page you can afford not to turn. All the characters are vivid and alive. The plot is tight and engrossing. The ending is spectacular."—Lyn Lawrence, All About Murder
"4 Stars!...This one has a strong plot that keeps the reader guessing. It is packed to the brim with danger, betrayal, and excitement! This novel will not disappoint! Recommended!"—Debra Fitch, Huntress Reviews
"...A romantic suspense story of great intensity. Cox injects moments of passion, humor and terror at all the appropriate moments, giving the story a magnetic flow."—Kathryn's Mystery Women Reviews
...He sipped his drink, noticing her eyes shifting from one object to the other. The love seat and chair with its own ottoman matched the ivory couch. A blue-and-crimson oriental rug dominated the living room floor. Sheer white curtains covered the double glass doors leading to the dining room with a black lacquered table and chairs.
"Do you like the house?"
"Yes, it's beautiful...lovely," she said, touching his arm.
"Thank you, but I can't take the credit. My mother redecorated it last year." Ryan looked around as if viewing it for the first time himself.
"I'd love to meet your mother. She has exquisite taste."
"I have to agree. Maybe one day you will. And, if you're good, I may take you on the grand tour of the place." Ryan's face drifted close to hers. He found himself not wanting to carry on the conversation any longer. His mind was far from words at the moment.
Her black hair, like her eyes, sparkled in the light. His skin beneath the sleeve of his shirt burned where the tips of her fingers touched. She smelled like freshly cut gardenias from his grandmother's greenhouse. Her voice sounded like an angel's song.
All he thought of was kissing her. He wanted to taste her sensuous pink lips and hold her in his arms until she begged for more.
As if his thoughts scared her, she turned away.
"I-I'd be privileged to see it."
Did she feel the electricity sparking between them, too? Did she hunger for him the way he hungered for her?
He felt her uncertainty as clearly he did his own. Finally, she looked at him, and he could see the passion burning in her green eyes, and knew it was mirrored by his own. The window behind Natalie flashed with light. Their gazes clashed as the weather outside changed to a darkened, cloud-studded night. Wind whipped the bay into a frenzy of waves that slammed onto the beach behind the house.
The rumbling of thunder startled Natalie and she jumped into his arms. Her breast pushed against his chest and his defenses crumbled. His mouth covered hers as a hungry moan escaped his lips. She wrapped her arms around him, returning his kiss. He'd imagined her kiss to be sweet and full of passion, and his imagination was right on target...

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