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ENIGMA by Sheryl Hames Torres

ONE TOUCH BEYOND - Second Excerpt
An Excerpt From: ENIGMA

Copyright © SHERYL HAMES TORRES, 2008

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

Opening his eyes, he turned on the water to rinse blood from the porcelain before lifting his gaze to the mirror to inspect the damage. What he saw there, however, frosted the blood in his veins. She was there, the silver lady who’d enfolded Amy. Now she floated in the mirror, smiling icily at him, her eyes flashing white fire as she stared at the blood dripping onto his chest.

“I believe I told you to go away.” Her voice was like a blizzard, whirling, icy and absorbing the oxygen from the air. It mixed with the storm outside to create a vortex of panic inside him.

His throat felt paralyzed. A chill rose up his spine and threatened to overtake his shivering body. It wasn’t fear exactly. More deep sadness, hopelessness, as if she were sucking all joy from him.

“I assume you imagine yourself in love with her?” Her voice dripped with mock sympathy. Her heavy dramatic sigh wrapped around him like music, transfixing him, seducing him despite its menacing tone.

Brace shivered again. The term “two places at once” came instantly to mind as he watched her image peel, almost as if it split in half. While one layer threw her head back and laughed, horrible and shrill, another layer rocked back and forth as if listening to a beautiful melody. Still another more terrifying layer stared with winter-white eyes hungrily at the cut on his chin. Brace couldn’t lift his fingers to wipe away the blood that fascinated her. She reached toward him and though she never left the mirror, he felt her touch and watched in horror as she raised her bloodied fingers to her lips, closing her eyes as if the taste of him satisfied her every need. He felt her threat rise around him like a velvet sheet, suffocating and heavy. He had to fight her. He had to push against her force.

“I do love Amy.” His voice sounded strangled, harsh to his ears, ineffective in the roaring storms, inside and out. “And she loves me. I won’t let you hurt her.”

With startling speed, the images melded and her eyes flashed at him. “Fool!” she hissed. “Do you think you can play with me, little man? I’ll crush you like the meddlesome flea you are.”

He followed her gaze as her eyes darted to the scissors lying on the cabinet, then shot back at him. Her laughter sounded like shattering glass. The pressure in the room rose to a crushing level, squeezing against his skull. Blood trickled from his right nostril and dripped on the floor as he bent over from the excruciating pain. It felt as though he was being wrung out like a dishrag. The pressure on his eardrums threatened his consciousness. He concentrated on his breathing, battling her and gasping. “You…won’t…win.”

A scream tore through the house. Amy.

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Virginia said...

It sounds like Brace has really got a fight on his hands. I don't think I would want to be in his shoes.

tam said...

Great expert!

photoquest said...

I liked the part where he told her He Loved Amy

photoquest said...

I liked the part where he told her he loved Amy

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the great comments. I'm thrilled with the way this story turned out. As a big believer in Happily Ever After, I know love conquers all.
Happy Reading,

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Debby said...

Very Nice excerpt, I enjoyed reading it and will be lookin for the book

clynsg said...

An eerie excerpt

Sher Hames Torres said...

Congratulations, Hotcha1!!!
Now you can concentrate on getting your scrooge dh to spend the money on something diamonds! LOL
Happy Reading!

Jean said...

spooky excerpt, but can't wait to read the whole book

Caitlin Hoy said...

Great excerpt! I can't wait to try more.

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone is having as lovely a Spring as we are down here in GA! Thanks for all the wonderful comments about Enigma. I'm so happy you're all enjoying reading it as much as I did writing it.
Be safe,