Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Well it's been over a year since I last posted on my blog. Wow, how time flys. Still taking college courses. This is my last semester for a Web Tech degree, and I'm still working full time at Mountain Area Workforce Development. Oh, my son got married May last year. I will post a couple of pictures of my grandsons, my son and his wife. They will be celebrating their first anniversary in a little over a month.

Not much else is happening with me, so what to say? I have two Westies now. Scooter is almost 3 years old, and our newest pup, Harley will be a year old in August. She is the sweetest pup around. Here's a couple of pictures of them:

First picture is of Harley about a month after we brought her home:

This next one is a more recent picture of her at about 7 months old:

The next picture is a recent picture of scooter:

Another one of Scooter:

My grandsons, Patrick and Bryson:


My son, Brandon and his wife, Rebecca:

Don't they make a good-looking couple? Well, that pretty much catches me up for the year. Hopefully when I finish classes in May, I will be able to get back to writing, but I'm so rusty now, I may have to learn the trade all over.