Sunday, December 15, 2013

Merry Christmas

West Highland White Terriers - Scooter and Harley
Scooter has a new hair cut and a new sweater, and Harley just has a new sweater. She goes to the groomer next week.

Enchanted Holidays includes Christmas Stories

Read Christmas Novellas Mistletoe Medium by Elizabeth Delisi and Fate's Little Trick by Sheryl Hames Torres. In Fate's Little Trick, can Gemma McKenzie Fuller learn from a troubled child that you can go back again, or will she have to suffer yet another Christmastime loss? Can psychic Lottie Baldwin, the Mistletoe Medium, and the handsome new man in her life pool their talents and solve the mystery before the bandit strikes again?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Halloween is coming . . .

Next month Halloween will be here, so don't forget to pick up a copy of Enchanted Holidays if you don't have one already. Although none of the holidays are set during Halloween, they are all wonderfully paranormal with a touch of mystery and romance. My story, Haunted Holidays is included in Enchanted Holidays and is the first Lana Malloy paranormal mystery. Enchanted Holidays includes two Christmas, two New Years, and two Valentine's Day stories.  Once you read Enchanted Holidays, read the second anthology, One Touch Beyond to read, Get Out or Die!, another Lana Malloy story. I'm now working on a third Lana Malloy story with a working title of The Wedding Crasher. Check out my Web site to read all about the other wonderful stories in these two anthologies. Other authors include Elizabeth Delisi, the author of The Midnight Hour, Fatal Fortune, Lady of the Two Lands, Since All Is Passing, etc.; Chris Grove, the author of mysteries such as Seeing is Believing, Where's Michelle, Without a Clue, and erotica under the pseudonym Christiane France; Elaine Hopper, author of Lions of Judah, Always a Bridesmaid, Double Dare, Tigers Play, Purrfect Justice, etc., and erotica under the pseudonym Ashley Ladd; Maureen McMahon, author of Shadows in the Mist, Haunted Passions, A Nightingale in the Sycamore, and erotica under the pseudonym Ainsley Abbott; and Sheryl Hames Torress, contributing author and co-editor of Crumbs in the Keyboard, where proceeds benefit The Center for Women and Families, which in turn benefits those affected by domestic violence.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Well it's been over a year since I last posted on my blog. Wow, how time flys. Still taking college courses. This is my last semester for a Web Tech degree, and I'm still working full time at Mountain Area Workforce Development. Oh, my son got married May last year. I will post a couple of pictures of my grandsons, my son and his wife. They will be celebrating their first anniversary in a little over a month.

Not much else is happening with me, so what to say? I have two Westies now. Scooter is almost 3 years old, and our newest pup, Harley will be a year old in August. She is the sweetest pup around. Here's a couple of pictures of them:

First picture is of Harley about a month after we brought her home:

This next one is a more recent picture of her at about 7 months old:

The next picture is a recent picture of scooter:

Another one of Scooter:

My grandsons, Patrick and Bryson:


My son, Brandon and his wife, Rebecca:

Don't they make a good-looking couple? Well, that pretty much catches me up for the year. Hopefully when I finish classes in May, I will be able to get back to writing, but I'm so rusty now, I may have to learn the trade all over.