Saturday, September 21, 2013

Halloween is coming . . .

Next month Halloween will be here, so don't forget to pick up a copy of Enchanted Holidays if you don't have one already. Although none of the holidays are set during Halloween, they are all wonderfully paranormal with a touch of mystery and romance. My story, Haunted Holidays is included in Enchanted Holidays and is the first Lana Malloy paranormal mystery. Enchanted Holidays includes two Christmas, two New Years, and two Valentine's Day stories.  Once you read Enchanted Holidays, read the second anthology, One Touch Beyond to read, Get Out or Die!, another Lana Malloy story. I'm now working on a third Lana Malloy story with a working title of The Wedding Crasher. Check out my Web site to read all about the other wonderful stories in these two anthologies. Other authors include Elizabeth Delisi, the author of The Midnight Hour, Fatal Fortune, Lady of the Two Lands, Since All Is Passing, etc.; Chris Grove, the author of mysteries such as Seeing is Believing, Where's Michelle, Without a Clue, and erotica under the pseudonym Christiane France; Elaine Hopper, author of Lions of Judah, Always a Bridesmaid, Double Dare, Tigers Play, Purrfect Justice, etc., and erotica under the pseudonym Ashley Ladd; Maureen McMahon, author of Shadows in the Mist, Haunted Passions, A Nightingale in the Sycamore, and erotica under the pseudonym Ainsley Abbott; and Sheryl Hames Torress, contributing author and co-editor of Crumbs in the Keyboard, where proceeds benefit The Center for Women and Families, which in turn benefits those affected by domestic violence.

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