Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Two Days Off

For those who don't know me, I'm an author, a web designer, the general manager and review coordinator for Word Museum and I work a full time job, 12 hour days that sometimes turn into 13. This is my long week, meaning I work Monday and Tuesday, Friday and Saturday -- Sunday too, but that's a new week. But today and Thursday I'm off. Halleluah!!!

But there's work to do at home too. Not just the normal things, like laundry. But getting organized again is my goal. My home office has gotten so out of hand that I have to really get busy and organize it again before I can think of doing taxes. I know, the T word. :-(

Preparation is the most time consuming of my tax time. I not only do my taxes, but my two neighbors', my son's and a friends. Two down and three to go including my own. Enough said about taxes. Let's talk about the other aspects of my life this early Wednesday morning.

I work in an office, but it's not just sitting and filing nails in a textile plant office or any other office I've worked in for that matter. Time ticks away and I find I'm generally behind. The odd this is I'm so orgainized at work (opposite from home) and get stressed if I have to sway from the way I normally work. Which often happens. That takes care of all you want to know about the "day job."

As general manager of Word Museum, I do a number of different jobs. Guess that's what "general" means. I do the web designing and customer service, which includes billing, bringing in new customers and taking care of any problems that may arise, record keeping, and basically oversee all operations.

What is Word Museum? It's a multi-genre site where readers and authors come together, and where authors can promote themselves and their work. We have a membership of around 50 authors, of which 4 have their web sites maintaine by us as well as get promoted. We have a chats every Wednesday night at 10pm est with authors, publishers or any other writing oriented person/group.

Our promotion manager and Workshop manager are very busy ladies as well and two of my best friends. We have two newsletters, WordBeats which is free for anyone who wants to join and MarketBeats which is $6.99 per year. WordBeats is about writing, ups and downs, etc and MarketBeats is just that, about marketing your book with a bit of promotion thrown in for good measure. The newsletters go out monthly through a listserv.

We have three contests, two monthly and one quarterly. The monthly contests are Win A Book and gift certificates. These books in our Win A Book contest are books written by our very own membership. And a fantastic group of authors they are. To enter, you just visit Word Museum and fill out a short form. Each month I draw 2 names. For the quarterly contest, a name is drawn from those on our News listserv each quarter. The winner gets a basket full of prizes, including but not limited to books.

There's probably all kinds of stuff I'm leaving out here. You'll just have to visit the website and see for yourself. The URL is If you're an author, we do have a $20 off special on our membership at least through February.

Oh and I'm a wife, mother and grandmother too. My husband of nineteen years is a chain saw artist. I have two grown sons of 25 and 31. The oldest has a 6 year old son.

I have a dog and a cat, but you would think I have anywhere from 2 to 6 dogs as 2 of my neighbor's dogs like to hangout in the yard with my dh while he carves. Animals love him. My cat rules them all.

Have a nice day. I hadn't even planned to start one of these, but I wanted to post on a friend's page and they said I had to join up too which includes a blog of my own. So, I figured why not. I hope I haven't bored you to tears as I'm just musing. Tired and very talkative or is that writative? when I'm tired. But that's normal too. Okay, getting really out there now. So, I'm calling it a night or early morning and heading off to bed.

Good night and God Bless.


Omar de Fati said...

Hey Kim & welcome to the blogosphere.

Kim Cox said...

Thank you! Happy to be here I think :0

Omar de Fati said...

Oh, stop. I'm an insomniac but I'm not insane. I think. :-)

Elizabeth Delisi said...

Hey, Kim, welcome to blogging! Hope you enjoy it, and get lots of visitors.


Kim Cox said...

Thanks, Liz!