Friday, October 26, 2007

22 Years and Going Strong

Today my husband and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary. Nothing fancy, we had a steak dinner here at home. He gave me a loving card and he cooked dinner. What did I give him? Not much, though when I'm getting ready to go to school, work, or shopping--in other words, when I get ready to leave the house--I put on makeup, fix my hair and wear nice clothes. He always asks, "Who are you looking good for?" So, I did that for him. I got out of my lounge around the house clothes, showered, and spent hours on my hair and makeup just for him. It usually takes me 30 minutes to get ready to go anywhere, but I took my time just for him. He was gone to the store much of this time, and I'd planned to make a banner thing and a card for him, but he came back home too soon, and I didn't have time to do anything more. But we don't just do things for each other on special days, we live to do anything we can for the other. We never let a day go by without meaning and saying, "I love you!" and we almost never leave the house without kissing the other. There have been the very few times when we forgot because we were running late for something, but that is very rare. Not the running late (that’s my middle name) but the forgetting.

To me, the way to keep the love alive is don’t take their love for granted, and to show your respect and love for each other every day. Put the person you love first in your life.

Keep the love alive.


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