Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Turning of the Leaves

This first picture was taken from my front yard.
We have to enjoy it while it lasts. Soon all the leaves will be gone. I wanted to go up on the parkway and take pictures but I didn't make it this year, so I stood in my yard and took some pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

I love my home and the gorgeous scenic view surrounding it. This isn't to say that I wouldn't love to have some changes of my house, but it's so expensive.

In this picture from my back yard, the leaves are in gorgeous color. Up at the top of the hill is our winter garden, not really viewable by this photo. If I go up to the parkway next month, the leaves will be gone, and I'll actually be able to see my backyard--not really the house, but our outside storage shed and Lee's carving area.

This time of season is a huge tourist attraction here in Asheville. We had visitors to our home just yesterday from Michigan who wanted to look at Lee's art. They bought 3 pieces.

This next picture is also from my backyard, but off to the other side. What's so nice about this neighborhood, besides being pretty secluded, there's also neighbors who look out for one another. You don't find that much anymore. Our summer garden is actually ours and our neighbors that lives behind us..

Have a nice day. I hope you enjoyed my photos.


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