Monday, June 22, 2015

Review: "The Place We Went To Yesterday" by Lisa Mauro

About the Author:

Lisa Mauro is a novelist and blogger. When she’s not breaking pivot tables during her day job in the
pharmaceutical industry, you can find her watching The Office on repeat. She lives near Boston, MA with her better half, Brian Sfinas. 

Lisa is a Corporate Cubicle Girl, perpetually crunching lines of data like a kid with an endless supply of rock candy.  When she's not breaking pivot tables, she writes.  And she draws.  And she takes and edit photos.  She's even been known to sing along.

She's a Jane of all trades and a Mistress of some.

She appreciates tattoos and collects them as souvenirs. She provides gut-wrenching brutal honesty, but she’ll smile when she's delivering it so you won’t feel as bad hearing it.  She's a narcissistic muse.  Flattery will get you everywhere, as will red velvet cupcakes.

You can visit her at

About the Book:

Surrounded by abject poverty in Manhattan's housing projects, Ella Santia is abused and manipulated by her family until she is placed into foster care. When that experience also sours, she makes the decision to move into a group home. 

On her walks along the High Line with fellow resident Lara, she begins to open herself up to new experiences. When things come to a head at the group home, Ella realizes that it is time for her to fend for herself. 

The Place We Went to Yesterday chronicles Ella's journey from passive punching bag to assertive young woman.

Kim's Musing Review:

Sad but Good. I loved the story line and Ella's character; although, I couldn't  understand why Ella turned a blind eye to some of the things she felt were happening to others. I've never been in her situation so I can't judge, understanding the saying "until you walk in my shoes." I don't know how I would react in a similar situation.

This is such a sad story. If I hadn't read that it was fiction, I would've thought it was a true story. I still believe it's based on someone's life. It is so detailed and true to life. All of the characters were well-drawn and lifelike. Working with people who work with teens in similar situations, I know how hard the teens lives can be and how hard it can be for those who try to help to get through to them due to trust issues. I have recommended this book to those who work in this field.

The reason I'm giving this book four stars rather than five stars. It moved a bit slow for me in a few places although the writing was mostly flawless. The flow became bogged down in the details. Then there's the ending which I felt should've taken us a bit further into Ella's life for a more satisfying end.

Get your copy of The Place We Went to Yesterday here. You will be glad you did.

Next up on my TBR list is Silent Night Violent Night (A Cory Goodwin Mystery) by C J Verberg.

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