Friday, October 23, 2015

Book Review: "Observant Oracle" by Elizabeth Delisi

About the AuthorLizDelisi
I'm an author of several novels, novellas and short story collections, I teach writing courses, and I edit for individuals. I live in New Hampshire and enjoy studying the Tarot, reading, and doing needlework. My favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz, favorite book is Watchers by Dean Koontz.
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OO-CoverAbout the Book
Observant Oracle (Lottie Baldwin Mysteries, #2)
Who murdered the Cheyenne State University student? Can deputy sheriff Harlan Erikson solve the case quickly enough to keep his fiancée, impulsive psychic Lottie Baldwin, from snooping on her own?
(this is a short story)
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My Review
Another Excellent Lottie Baldwin Mystery
This is another excellent Lottie Baldwin mystery read. Lottie deciphers the clues of the tarot cards like an expert. She's strong willed which gets her into trouble sometimes and this story is no exception.
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