Thursday, March 13, 2014

Crazy Day, Crazy Weather, Crazy Dreams

I marveled in the sunshine for the last few days, thinking Spring is here at last, but today, the wind began blowing in the cold air and now there is snow on the deck. What a week it has been and it is not over yet.

Monday, I was out in the field program monitoring for my day job. It was so nice when I started my late lunch that I didn't want to go back to my office but I did. The sunshine warmed and tingled my skin as I sat in the car at a park with the windows down, breathing in the fresh air, eating lunch and reading a little of the 10th book in Jean Plaidy's Plantagenet series. Loving these books. See image to right.

Tuesday was nice but not as nice as Monday until later in the day. And even earlier today, it was downright warm about 3 p.m. It was only an hour later that the wind began blowing in the cold air and by the time I left work, I was chilly in my thin, white jean jacket.

The drive home was pretty scary with the threat of trees falling. As soon as I left the parking lot, I turned to go the back way home as I normally do, and got about a mile and had to turn around and go another way due to a large tree across the road. I drove a while and later on a different street I came upon another tree down but this time hanging on a power line. I braved it through that praying no trees fell on me as I drove under them, and yelling to the other cars, "Please don't stop under trees." Being squashed under a tree has been a fear of mine for many years.

I passed the turn off to the community college which meant only 20 more minutes and 11 miles left before I would be home. As I drove down Swannanoa River Road, I noticed the traffic light was strangely blank, but there have been times when a light was burned out and at first I thought that was what it was, until a car from my right pulled out in front of the car in front of me almost getting hit. I assume he was tired of waiting on the side road.

Then I noticed the power was out in the stores on the right. Well, duh, that's why the traffic light was out as were the next few. Thankfully, I was in the high traffic lanes and I felt sorry for those who would need to come out of the side roads, until it came time for me to make my left turn. I opted for a detour that would take a little longer. The lights were working before I came to my next left turn a little farther down the highway.

Finally, I made it home without any near misses, no more fallen trees, and no more detours. I felt safe at last when I entered my home. We ate dinner and then I felt sleepy and thought I would take a little nap. I cannot nap. I either sleep all night or at least 3 hours. This time it was the latter. I woke up about 10 and have been up ever since, but while sleeping I had the weirdest dream.

You guessed it, part of the dream was about wind blowing down trees. It went something like this. My mother-in-law had talked my husband into having the trees in our front yard, the ones that line the road, cut back about halfway their normal height. The wind was blowing so hard that they tumbled like dominoes, but didn't hit the house because they fell to one side and since they'd been cut down so far they probably wouldn't have hit the house anyway.

Also, the wind had pushed the ground up to make a hill before the fallen trees like a backhoe had dug a trench. Weird. Other parts of the dream were about a missing girl, my husband leaving for an emergency with a lady deputy sheriff (something about the Army Reserves which he was out of before we ever met, but the emergency probably had something to do with the falling trees), and then later my husband and I were ball room dancing--something Latin (note: my husband does not dance at all except maybe a slow dance).

Then I wake up, the wind is still blowing but not as hard and there is a coating of snow on the ground. I wasn't expecting that since the weather reports I had seen only said some snow on the Tennessee border counties which does not include us. It was still snowing last I looked so we will see what tomorrow holds for us and when it will warm up again. I hope this is the last snow I see until at least next winter. I am so ready for Spring, but not Summer yet.

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