Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Review for Tommy's Amigo by Nancy Carty Lepri

Tommy’s Amigo by Nancy Carty Lepri is a heartfelt story about faith and friendships, and about a young boy being bullied at school because he’s Mexican. His friends, Macy, Susan and Tommy’s amigo, Diego, know that Beth and Kenny are bullying him, but Tommy is afraid to tell his grandmother or his teachers. His amigo is a tiny guardian angel who encourages him to have faith and Diego doesn’t judge him when he makes mistakes.

This book includes many lessons including not worrying unnecessarily about things before they happen because they may never happen. Have faith by giving your prayers time to be answered; as well as, how to deal with bullies. It’s also about how true friends standby you no matter what and who are always there when you need them.

This story focuses on positive ways to handle difficult situations. I highly recommend this story.

Also the Author of Tiny Angel.

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