Sunday, May 03, 2015

Free Romantic Shorts

FREE STORY: Miriam Alexander takes a vacation to Cancun and gets the surprise of her life. Her daughter, Kaitlin, has been playing matchmaker. 

Can she give her heart to Rhett Yancey again after he stomped on it the first time?
Reader Review Quotes:

“A good short story.”

“A quick short read about love in a second go around. I recommend this story.”

“This is a quick sweet read about that first love coming around a second time if she's willing to give it a chance. Enjoy I did.”

“A heartwarming story.” GET YOUR COPY HERE!

ANOTHER FREE STORY: Carina Anderson thinks her life is about as perfect as it can get until her loving husband Tyler begins acting strangely. When secrets are revealed, Carina’s life is blown apart both mentally and physically.

Will Carina and Tyler find their way back to each other, or will she turn to an old lover for support?

Genres: Romance / Contemporary / Mainstream
Length: Free Short Story (4k words)

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