Saturday, May 23, 2015

New Release Sale

Happy Saturday and Memorial Weekend

New Release Sale

Love Conquers All is now ON SALE for $0.99 (99 cents) for a limited time only onKindleNookKoboiTunes, etc. This story is a short sequel to All For Love that is available for FREE for a limited time through Amber Quill Press.
by Kim Cox, Kim Cox Books
Digital List Price: $0.99 - Regularly $1.99
This is a sequel to All For Love.
Release Date: May 18, 2015
Carina and Tyler are finally back on track when Javier is up to his old tricks. He threatens them by playing on their fears and using their own love to turn them against each other.

Cover Art by Kim Cox Designs


"I’m not asking, I’m telling. You’ll be mine again. For now, I’ll settle for sampling the pleasures of your sweet body." Javier snatched me by the wrist, pulling me to him. His kiss bruised my lips. I pulled away, slapping him across his cheek. He grabbed me again. "Don't you ever . . . you have two weeks to leave Tyler and come with me, or I’ll evict you and your husband."

"You can't, you don't own this--”

"I bought it just after you signed the rental agreement. Who do you think doubled your rent?"
 Javier laughed in my face.

"You conniving, no account pole cat." I screamed at him.

"Call me all the names you want, Cheri, you will still be mine." He pushed me to the ground and walked back to his car.

Tyler had been through so much already, overcoming his gambling problem. I began to make plans to deal with Javier myself. I didn't like keeping things from Tyler but I didn't want to deter all the progress he’d made in the last few months...

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