Thursday, July 09, 2015

Review: Silent Night Violent Night by C. J. Verburg

About The Author

A storyteller ever since she could talk, Carol Verburg spent the 1990s collaborating on theatrer
 projects with the late artist and writer Edward Gorey. Their friendship inspired her novel "Croaked: an Edgar Rowdey Cape Cod Mystery" and her multimedia memoir "Edward Gorey On Stage," as well as her play "Spin, or Twilight of the Bohemians," winner of the 2012 Centenary Stage Women Playwrights' Series and the 2011 Ashland New Plays Festival. Since moving to San Francisco, Carol has worked with the legendary Eureka Theatre and Fellowship Theater Guild ("Lady Day in Love") and leads the Mechanics' Institute Library's indie publishing workshop. Her international literature collections "Ourselves Among Others," "Making Contact," and "The Environmental Predicament" have inspired thousands of college writing students. In her latest novel, "Silent Night Violent Night: a Cory Goodwin Mystery," two former Mount Holyoke College comrades-in-arts grapple with the dark side of publishing.

About The Book

Lilah Easton in suburbia? Hostessing a posh dinner party? For Boston journalist Cory Goodwin, it's worth crossing New England in a blizzard to see this. How on earth did a rich science publisher tame the legendary Delilah? And what's the scoop on the conflict supposedly brewing among Bruce Easton's distinguished guests? According to Cory’s editor, it centers on Henry Howrigan, top Harvard biologist and soon-to-be-author. Does the newly widowed Olive Chute hope to lure him away to run Chute Labs? Will rising star Jeff Abels edge him out? Is Jeff sleeping with Bruce’s secretary? Is Bruce sleeping with Henry's editor, Melinda Doerr? Is it just coincidence these same guests were all here last summer when Bruce’s only son drowned in the pond? As the snow deepens, a string of nasty practical jokes spurs the party to break up--but no one can get out. Only one last unwelcome guest gets in: the drunk and uninvited Tony Cyr, whom Melinda divorced and Bruce fired. Most shocked to see Tony is Cory, who met him cold sober on the road two hours ago. When the final prank turns fatal, it's up to Cory--daughter of NY detective Archie Goodwin, and the group's only outsider--to trap the killer.

My Review

Deadly Night: Cory is invited to an old friend's house--a friend who she hasn't laid eyes on in decades--for a Christmas party where all the guests are snowed in overnight with a dangerous killer. As Cory unravels the intrinsic nature of a murderous mind through gossip and innuendo, obstacles occur every step of the way. Silent Night Violent Night is a well-written, exciting, and enjoyable mystery that doesn't disappoint.

Get your copy of Silent Night Violent Night here. You'll definitely enjoy it.

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