Sunday, July 19, 2015

Review: Torg's First Death - Short Story from The Death Wizard Chronicles

About the Author

Jim Melvin was an award-winning journalist at the St. Petersburg Times for twenty-five years. As a reporter, he specialized in science, nature, health and fitness, and he wrote about everything from childhood drowning to erupting volcanoes. Jim is a student of Eastern philosophy and mindfulness meditation, both of which he weaves extensively into his work. Jim is the author of The Death Wizard Chronicles, a six-book epic fantasy. Book 1 of the series, titled Forged in Death, debuted Aug. 20, 2012 via Bell Bridge Books and has attained best-seller status several times on Amazon. The electronic version of Book 1 is now available for free. It also can be purchased in trade paperback and as an audio book. Books 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 (Chained by Fear, Shadowed by Demons, Torn by War, Blinded by Power and Healed by Hope) also are available, completing the series. Three short stories related to Jim's fantasy series (Torg's First Death, The Black Fortress and Rise of the Sun God) can be downloaded for free. The Black Fortress also is available in audio.

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About the Book

The Death Wizard Chronicles is a six-book epic fantasy that debuted in August 2012 (Bell Bridge Books). The main character, Torg, is a Death-Knower wizard who has died and then returned to life more than a thousand times. The Short 13 Page Story Torg’s First Death describes the first time Torg dies and returns, thus becoming the first Death-Knower wizard in centuries.

My Review

Enjoyable and Entertaining

Torg's First Death is a short prequel to The Death Wizard Chronicles series and the first story I've ready by Jim Melvin. I've not read much Fantasy, although, I have enjoyed many movies. I found this short story enjoyable and entertaining and look forward to reading more of Mr. Melvin's books. Get your copy at FREE at

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